Lista Nekretnina provides a digital communication platform for rentals & sales, significantly reducing fees for tenants and landlords. The project aims to provide flexibility and an intuitive experience for renters, landlords and real estate agents by smoothing the process of buying or renting a home, making it easy and affordable. A full set of premium and bespoke services are tailored for those looking to let, sell, buy or search for a home for a short period of time with international access. The brand asked us to design a usable, useful and satisfactory experience for clients looking for valuable and game-changer platform services.

Let’s guide you home and find your best fitting home at the best services faster than ever before!

First real-estate start-up investment making home-finding & moving easier in Montenegro.

 A clean home page designed with a search bar only welcoming main page and a simple navigation menu of services offering several ways of search and service alternatives for different kinds of audience needs, expectations and behaviours. The project serves up the individuals needs and targets its audience by creating and engaging a simpler and more efficient property marketplace. 

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