Fabric Occasions is a leading family group company brand established for over 50 years, selling all types of haberdashery and high value-added fabrics with a particular focus on clothing. The family’s industry experience means that many of their suppliers go back several generations searching for the best product lines. They wanted to grow their business, drive consideration and boost sales selling every different type of fabric in the stock. They wanted to cover the market needs with a wide range of products available for every budget and a shopping experience that combines unrivalled customer service.


We developed an occasion marketing website for the brand, setting up unique campaign ideas for different occasions and covering seasonal marketing opportunities. They become the first and largest online fabric and e-commerce websites in the local market, has so become one of the largest groups today, engaged in online sales of fabric and sewing products.

Grow the business, drive consideration, boost sales, cover the market needs with services making difference, offer a wide range of products at highly competitive prices, perform a satisfying shopping experience.

We delivered an occasion marketing website setting up unique campaign ideas.

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